Cullberg up close

Cullberg Ballet's more intimate pieces for smaller stages. These productions enable the audience to get closer to the dancers and the company to tour to new places.

High heels too
True Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors
JJ's voices

Cullberg out in context

Cullberg Ballet's site specific project that takes parts of the company's activity out of its usual context to other settings than the traditional. The choreography plays with the space's  unique composition of architecture, history and environment and is created through investigating its hidden meanings. Out in context wants to challenge artists and audiences and reach out to more with an invitation to share impressions and expressions.

Glass Boxes by Alexander Ekman
The progression of things
The Way Things Go

Cullberg to come

Cullberg Ballet's focus on the next generation dancers, choreographers and audiences. To come includes internships and cooperations with dance educations.

Word of Mouth
In-house - the Cullberg dancers present their own works
Jardin d'Europe