Previous works

Photo: Urban JörénEkmans Triptych - A Study of Entertainment

A full evening work in three parts by Alexander Ekman. Three separate works weave through a multitude of expressions, where dance meets dialogue, wit becomes wistful and the meaningful cohorts with the meaningless. What is entertainment?

Photo: Robert JonassonGlass Boxes

At Kulturfestivalen in Stockholm Cullberg Ballet will appear with dance installations by Alexander Ekman, originally created as a gift to Moderna Museet in Stockholm for its 50th bithday.

Photo: Carl ThorborgHigh heels too

Canadian choreographer Benoît Lachambre creates a new piece for six of the Cullberg Ballet dancers. The idea for the new work came when Lachambre took part in a contemporary dance project at one of Montréal’s burlesque clubs, and created a solo on high heels for a dancer.

Photo: Yoav BarelInhouse 2012

The Cullberg dancers once again present their own works at MDT in Stockholm. Choreographers: Alexandra Campbell, Adam Schütt, Andrea Martini, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Shumpei Nemoto, Johanna Lindh and Isaac Spencer.

Inhouse 2014. Photo: Carl ThorborgInhouse 2014

The dancers present their own works on our home turf at Riksteatern in Hallunda, south of Stockholm. Join us for dancers in motorcycle helmets, video art installations, visual art, and a new version of Hamlet! 

Negro con flores Photo: Urban JörénNegro con flores

Johan Inger was the artistic director of Cullberg Ballet from 2003 to 2008. As a choreographer he has created numerous prominent works and his Negro con Flores was a huge success when it premiered in the autumn of 2005. Johan Inger is the recipient of many awards.


Three works by three choreographers. This autumn Cullberg Ballet tours to Korea and Norway with three works by three contemporary choreographers - xspectacle by Crystal Pite, Negro con Flores by Johan Inger and the dance film 40 M UNDER by Alexander Ekman.

Samlingen. Photo: Urban JörénSamlingen

Cullberg Ballet in cooperation with choreographers Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Stina Nyberg, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Zoë Poluch and Dansmuseet present Samlingen.

Form: Mikael SjömillaThe progression of things

The progression of things visas inom ramen för Cullberg out in context. Verket utmanar vedertagna begrepp om historien som linjär.

Photo: Urban JörénThe Strindberg Project

Opinions on August Strindberg are many and divided. In spring 2012 Cullberg Ballet will be inviting dancer and choreographer Tilman O’Donnell and director Melanie Mederlind to be inspired by, comment on or oppose this Swedish icon.

Form: Yoav BarelThe Way Things Go

The Way Things Go is a choreographed chain of causes and effects. Treating the body as a combination of controlled will and factual mechanics, the dancers continually reinvent the circumstances to which they are subjected.

Translations. Photo: Urban JörénTranslations

Opinions on Swedish icon author August Strindberg are many and divided. In director Melanie Mederlind's new work for Cullberg Ballet; Translations, the company encounters Strindberg in a new form. Exclusive, unexpected and up close. Translations is one of two works in The Strindberg Project with premiere in March 2012.

Photo: Carl ThorborgTrue Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors

Norwegian choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen created a new piece for Cullberg Ballet in spring 2011; True Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors. Eight of Cullberg Ballet's dancers perform in this illustrative piece.

Photo: Thomas ZamoloWord of Mouth

A new work by Tilman O’Donnell in cooperation with Smålands Musik & Teater.

xspectacle Photo: Carl Thorborgxspectacle

xspectacle was originally created for the dance company BMJ Danse in Montréal and was highly acclaimed by the audience and press after its premiere in 2004.

Foto: Carl ThorborgJJ's voices

In November 2009, for the first time ever, Cullberg Ballet made an entrance on the Stockholm House of Dance’s small stage with two new pieces. One of them was Canadian choreographer Benoît Lachambre's first cooperation with Cullberg Ballet; JJ's voices. The dancers carry Janis Joplin's songs through their bodies.

Photo: Carl ThorborgPlayback

In Cullberg Ballet's Playback the audience gets to chose theme and movement character for what is going to happen on stage. With those choices as starting point the dancers improvise in different constellations and new combinations emerge. Together the audience and the dancers create unique combinations.