Mini interview: Shumpei Nemoto

Shumpei Nemoto joined Cullberg Ballet in 2007. In The Strindberg Project he performs in the new piece Translations by Melanie Mederlind, in which the eight dancers speak their mother tongue. In Shumpei's case it's Japanese.

Could you compare the two languages Japanese and Swedish?
Japanese can have a quite flat tone and be very fast. Swedish is more melodious to me.

In Cullberg Ballet we have dancers from all over the world, and many of you have lived in various places before coming to Sweden. Could you describe how it is to live in different countries and joining different dance companies. How do you approach that?
Trying to understand the cultural differences and the way of communicating. And talk with people. 

Why did you start dancing?
Because I liked to move.

An inspirational moment in your dancing?
Urban dance inspires me a lot these days. I think the boundary between urban dance and contemporary dance is getting smaller every day. When I watch urban dance, I get excited by the dancers' physicality and it gives me many ideas about different solutions or different ways of approaching the movement.

You are also active as a choreographer, do you have a choreographic dream project?
I have many dream projects. It would be challenging and quite an experience to work with Cullberg Ballet, and all my great colleagues, as a choreographer.

Born 1983 in Japan. Shumpei Nemoto received his training from Toyoshige Nemoto and Ikuko Nemoto in Japan, 1989-1999, and at the English National Ballet School 1999-2000. He has danced professionally with the Royal Ballet (2000-2001) and the Deutsche Oper Am Rhein (2003-2007). Shumpei was awarded the Espoir Prix de Lausanne in 1999 and he was awarded 2nd place at the Choreographic Capture Competition 2009 in Munich for his work in film. He choreographed and performed a duet for Whenever Wherever Festival 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. Invited by Tok'Art, Shumpei choreographed and performed a solo for their 2010 creation. He presented his choreography Ugoku at International Choreographic Competition No Ballet 2011 in Ludwigshafen and was awarded 2nd place. Shumpei Nemoto produced the event konoyubi ART in 2008 and 2009, Tokyo, Japan. As a teacher he has been working with several different schools including The Royal Swedish Ballet School, University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, and The National Conservatory Dance School in Lisbon. In addition to this, Shumpei has worked in Japan, Sweden and Portugal coaching improvisation and teaching repertoire. Shumpei joined Cullberg Ballet in 2007.