Mini interview: Adam Schütt

Today we present dancer Adam Schütt who joined Cullberg Ballet in 2007. In The Strindberg Projcet he performs in Tilman O'Donnell's new work that starts in a discussion on August Strindberg as author and icon. 

Who is August Strindberg to you?
Strindberg is for me one of the monumental Swedish authors that, as a Swede, I had to read in school. This started us of on the wrong foot, so he is also the great multiartist that I am rediscovering as an adult... I feel fortunate to have such texts written in my own language.

What is an icon to you? 
An icon is something that is revered, but can not be touched. And I can see how my first encounter (in school) with the icon of August was heavily tipped and biased to what I was supposed to understand or realize as I read it...

Why did you start dancing?
I started dancing because of a very dear clown, Charlie Rivel. I had seen the acts of Charlie and when I heard that his son was teaching tap dancing I wanted to try it, then I started with ballet and it claimed my life since.....

An inspirational moment in your dancing?
Inspirational moments are watching great artists move and feel as if they move me....and it's a wonderful thing to be so fortunate to get to work with artists that can grab you like that. 

Improvisation plays an important role in Tilman O'Donnells works, as well as in your own creations. As a dancer, and a choreographer, how do you work/approach the impro technique?
I only know improvisation through dance, maybe painting and speech, but I also think of impro as life, we make our day what it is so there for, I approach improvisation like I approch everyday... what is it I am doing? How does that affect me? Where can it take me? How does it feel to take/be taken by it? Sometimes I wonder if it matters if I move at all. And sometimes I wonder if it matters if I stop moving or not? As we do a lot of improvisation it´s sometimes good to trick yourself into it, just to mix things up for yourself. The concept of starting and stopping is not as black and white as one might think.

Do you have a choreographic dream project?
A dream project would be... Ok, over two years I would get the chance to make a series of creations, two or three creations every year, a month procces each and ten or twenty shows at the end of each. So all in all it would amount to six pieces. The dream would also include some dancers of course, and a city with a bit of warmer climate, (I had a nice finish to a creation in Montpellier, so that would be a good location....) and while I am wishing, it would also involve a few musicians and a black box to play with lights. And as I like to play with videos it would include me getting time to make video adaptions of the pieces... this is something that I really would like to get into. Not mere documentation but adaptations for screen.

Adam was born 1980 in Hökerum, Sweden. He is educated at The Royal Swedish Ballet School, 1996-1999. In 1999 he joined the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm and between 2004 and 2006 he danced with DanskDanseteater in Copenhagen. Adam has danced in choreographies by Mats Ek, Merce Cunningham, Tim Rushton, Birgitta Egerbladh, Susanna Leinonen, Pontus Lidberg and Matilde Monnier among others.