Eva Mohn

Eva Mohn was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1982. She studied Dance and Cultural Studies at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.  Eva was a founding member of Uri Sands and Toni Pierce Dance Company in 2002 as well as an assistant to Uri during his Residencies and Commissions.  Eva began working  in New York for Berlin/New York Based choreographer Johannes Wieland in 2007, and moved to Staatstheater Kassel in 2008 where she spent three seasons in the Staatsthater Kassel Dance Company.  Eva has also worked  with choreographers Camille Brown, Morgan Thorson, Carl Flink, and Rootless Root.  Eva has studied at EDAM (Experimental Dance and Music) in Vancouver Canada with Peter Bingham and Andrew Harwood, Ashtanga Yoga training with Richard Freeman, and has been adjunct Faculty at the University of Minnesota teaching improvisation and experimental movement for dancers. Her most recent work was in Minneapolis with TU dance Compnay. Eva has also commited a great deal of time to music having created two ensembles: Coach Said Not To and the Dale Hush Hush. Eva Mohn came to Cullberg Ballet in the autumn 2012.