Artist in Residence

Cullberg Ballet/ Artist Residency program Starting in 2015

We are proud to announce that Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir will be our first artist in residence in the new residency program that will start in 2015.

How it works!

The residency program is comprised in three stages, and is by invitation only.

Stage one:-  is a meeting between the artist and the company and is for research without the pressure of production.
Stage two:-   to evaluate stage one, both from the artist and the companies perspective. 
Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, there will be a discussion about a production in the following year. 
Stage three:- Production phase where the artist will create a piece for the company. They will work together with the artistic coordinator and a dramaturge allocated to them by the company. 
The type of the production is open.


Life Long Burning/ Residency program

Since 2008 Cullberg Ballet has been hosting artist residencies for emerging artists, in the frame of the european project Life Long Burning, formally known as Jardin d'Europe.
These residencies are an exchange program with the partner organizations in the network. During the annual meeting of all the network partners, residencies are exchanged and it is decided upon with whom each organization will be partnered with for the coming year. This can be more than one partner, depending on the number of residencies offered by a given organization. 

How it works!

Sending organization and host organization.

The host organization offers a residency at its premises, the partner or sending organization makes an open call in their country and selects an artist who they would like to send to the host. The host then takes over prosedures and organises for the artist, travel, accommodation, per diems and artistic support in relation to the artists requirements. This could take the form of technical support, dramaturgical support, networking, showings of works in progress or support with research. The artist must be a citizen of, or working and residing in the country coming from the sending organisation to be able to apply for the residency.